jueves, 28 de noviembre de 2013

Farewell, Ireland!


     When I first landed on the island someone asked me "hey, what's the story?" Now I can certainly answer: "well this is pretty much it." After a beginning of five years, it is time to turn the page. My last souvenirs: a cold November under a bright sun, two Gardai riding a horse in Dublin city, last classes and farewells at the gym, last pints of Guinness (first with blackcurrant), last strolls along the canal, last visits to Temple Bar, last films in OV, last visits of the island, last fish and chips on my way to Dingle, last Halloween House Party with friends, last Wine and Cheese tasting, the Leaving Party...

     All of them just little details of what has been a great experience. When we first decided to come to the Island we didn't know what to expect or for how long it would last. The only reference we had was my experience as a student in a small village in the Midlands, back in 2001. Little did I know then what it was going to be like settling in Dublin. There were good and bad moments and the starters were not easy, but the people we found on our way, the places we discovered and the feelings I experienced made this freedom that I could breathe in Ireland most certainly unforgettable.

     Every little corner has something special, from the big city to the most isolated farm. For every drop of rain and every cloud, there is a ray of sunlight which makes them worth it. It is true that sometimes the city may seem sad and dark, but the moments the sun shines reveal the real nature hiding behind the scenes.

     And it is not only the landscapes, or the buildings, or the daily life in town, it is also and most importantly the people you find along the way that make it special. When we arrived we were all alone, foreigners in a different city, often with a different language and culture, which we need to bear with and learn. But little by little, when you get to know a few locals and other people in a similar situation to yours, far from their family and friends, they become your family and your friends. And those links are different. They are not built over a long period of time, normally you don't know much about the history or background of them, but something happens. In a shorter time, intensity gets amplified by a million.

      I wanted to say thank you to all those people. Thank you for having shared this page of my book, of your book, our book. Let's continue writing and maybe one day our pages will merge again. See you later folks! See you soon Ireland. FAREWELL!

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