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               I am a Spanish native speaker from Salamanca, but I was grown up in Madrid. Since I was very little I have felt a very strong attraction toward English and French culture and language and I have travelled as much as I had been able to in order to get to know them better.

            At the same time I was learning those languages at school and college I took private lessons in academies and in the Escuela oficial de idiomas (Spanish Official School of Languages), both for English and French. When I was the age to choose a degree to study at University, in 2003, I decided to develop my skills and to orientate them into the Translation world. I studied a degree in Translation and Interpreting studies at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. This degree included subjects such as linguistics, specialized translation, communication skills, interpreting, culture and history, computer studies, documentation, among others. In 2006 I took an Erasmus year in Rennes, France and when I finished my studies in 2008 I became a professional translator and I moved to Ireland, where I currently live.

            I am specialized in Medical, Poker, Casino, and Gambling texts, but I also work and feel comfortable with other areas of expertise, as Technical Manuals, and perform other kind of jobs, as Proofreading, Quality Assurance, Language Sign Off and Transcripting.

            Since I started translating as a professional translator, I have worked in many areas and for different clients, from web pages to scientific documentation, press releases, brochures and manuals. I am very aware of my aptitudes and always hand in documents of an excellent quality on time. I do not accept projects for which I am not prepared or cannot offer a maximum quality.

            To sum up, I can say that I feel very comfortable working in many environments and I am not afraid of new challenges, I learn very quickly and I can adapt to almost any situation very fast. I am  serious, professional and pay attention to detail in order to achieve the goals set and exceed expectations.

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